Health Lesson for all Ages

It's one thing to teach and discuss healthy eating with kids, but it's more powerful when kids can see a visual representation of what is being discussed / taught. And it's even more powerful when they have to create their own visual representation.

Here is an example:

Source: By: Carolyn McDowell

  • Create the following or share the image with the students
  • Engage class in a discussion of "What do you see?" and "what does it mean"
  • Record student thinking
  • Discuss "Why is this important?"
  • In groups, have students create a similar model based on an unhealthy eating practice (depending on age group, you may have to brainstorm some examples).  
  • After, have each group engage class in discussion based on their particular visual model. 
It is very powerful to see what the students come up with :)

Also, read the following blog post by @dougpete about our health lesson.


  1. Hello Shadi

    I wasn't able to attend the Google Apps for Education workshops held this weekend in Waterloo but I was wondering if I could purchase any presentation (PowerPoint or YouTube)of yours in which you describe Google Apps for the classroom. I'm an English high school teacher and have just begun using Google docs. this year (with a Google site). I'd like to learn more.

  2. Here is a link to my presentation @ Google Apps for Education Ontario Summit