What is your collaboration style?

As educators, we strive to create an environment where our students can work collaboratively. This got me thinking ... how often do we really practice what we preach. I think in many cases collaboration among educators is still a working progress. However, thanks to social media tools like Twitter this is starting to shift. In my own experience, I have to say Twitter taught me to be better at sharing and collaborating with others. 

So, what is your collaboration style?

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  1. This is very cool - usually I am skeptical at these tests but I like this one. Could be very useful as a team builder for groups/teams/organization.

  2. I am a Taskmaster.

  3. I am a ringleader!

    When I worked as an educator, I could see that knowing how my fellow educators preferred to collaborate and connect would be helpful so that I considered their needs in our interactions. As a trustee, I shared this blog with our superintendent who is helping our administrators schedule collaboration time. Once educators within the district know the preferences of others, they might be able to collaborate with new people or in new ways based on mutual or differing preferences.

    As for students, it would be helpful to know that you have different preferences within groups. Establishing groups with different collaboration styles should help individuals express their talents (and frustrations when differences occur).

  4. Thank you for your comment Sarah. I agree that this would be a great tool to use with staff and students. I am thinking of using it during the first few weeks of school with students and during the first PD session with teachers.