Capturing Student Learning

The other day I was working with a few Kindergarten teachers that were looking for a tool to capture student learning. In the past, Evernote, has been used. However, my school board, has started using Google Apps for Education and I thought it might be good place to start.  

Since the kindergarten classes all have a set of iPad Minis, we downloaded Google Drive. Of course this can be done on any device or tablet.

Here are the steps you can take to create online portfolios to capture student learning:

    Click on "+" sign to create folders for each student in your class.                                         

This is also a great way for you to organize your student's work in any grade level or use to create an ePortfolio for each student.  

What online tool(s) do you use to capture student learning?


  1. will you personally drag/drop student's work/submission to this folder? or do you make this a shared folder between you and the student?

    Jason Ganz and I were wondering:
    if you created a shared folder and allow a bunch of users dropping stuff in there; and one of the authorized user took a file out, is it out of reach for all? (my guess was yes)

    so the following question would be: how do I prevent that?

    If i share a file with someone and they wanted to 'add it' to their drive/folder so it's not just under 'share with me', can they 'add it to' their drive WITHOUT affecting my visibility of this file at my end?


  2. @MingHuang YES I personally drag/drop student's work to this folder. I treat this as my assessment binder. I log into my google account and capture student learning.

    Another option is to make a shared folder between you and your students. However, I think this would be challenging with primary students.

    When it comes to folders and files, you want to make sure you are giving "view only" access to folders so that if the folder gets moved around, you don't lose the files inside it.

    I always suggest sharing files and not folders. Each individual can create his/her own folder and organize the files in a way that works for them. This would also be a great lesson in teaching kids how to be more "organized" with their assignments.

    Hope this helps.