Capturing Learning

Documenting student learning is a major aspect of the Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) program. Even though the focus of this instruction is FDK, the same method can be applied to create portfolio for students in any grade level and subject. 

There are many tools available to support teachers in capturing student learning. However, due to privacy issues, teachers need to be careful of the tool they have decided to use. As always, open communication with parents and school administrator is key.

Many of the school board in Ontario have started to use Google Apps for Education which makes it a great FREE tool to use.

To harness the power of Google Apps any device can be used (e.g. phone, any tablet, iPads, etc). However, you must download the following free apps for your device.

Apps Needed:

Once downloaded, click on Google Drive to sign into your Google Apps for Education account.

Here are the steps to follow to capture learning in your classroom: 

Click on "+" sign to create folders for each student in your class.

               On tablet                                       

This can also be done on your computer by clicking on the following: 
On your computer you will click on "drive" and select "folder". Once you click on "folder" a   window will open where you can input student's name. 

On your tablet, click on the student "folder" you have created. 

This is also a great way for you to organize your student's work in any grade level or use to create an ePortfolio for each student.

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